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Hardcore Band Jeweltone Releases Demo EP

Jeweltone is a new hardcore band from Buffalo, NY. Their new Demo 2023 EP is filled with experimentation, raging guitars and sharp lyrics. While expressing themes of trust, anger, and the 716; Jeweltone refuses to be put into any particular box.

Many of the tracks adhere to the classic hardcore sound. The opening track, “Surrounded by Snakes” experiments with tempo while incorporating heavy guitars and powerful vocals. The track starts off with fast hardcore thrashing. Then the tempo slows during the chorus.

Another standout track is “Smile and Wave”. As the last song of the EP, the song is a perfect send off. The song starts off lamenting “I look around/and all that I see is falling down”, then encourages people to take action. Jeweltone encourages people to “roll up your sleeves to fight/don’t let them take your place”. The band wants people to fight for themselves, fight for the things you love, and face your fears because “you can’t control the way world is spinning around”. Jeweltone gives this message directly to their hometown Buffalo in the line “716/smile and wave”.

The track that stands out the most in Demo 2023 is the third and title track “JEWELTONE”. The completely instrumental R&B ambient track delineates from the tone of the project. The song features Dreamhouse., a retro ambient artist. While the title track is a huge turn from the band’s sound, it hints that Jeweltone won’t shy away from incorporating different genres into their music. While this is the only track that does so, it will be exciting to see how the band continues to push themselves and people’s expectations.

Listen to Jeweltone’s Demo EP here

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