Ghost of the Terrence Twins

It is hard to say if there are any ghosts in the ruins of Terrence Twins. After the shut down of the 20 story psychiatric building, rumors grew among residents of the local town. Some say Nurse Heidi still patrols the eighth floor. Others will attest that the screams of…

On the Windowsill of the Lamont Cafe

In the Lamont Cafe, pictures of local artists hang on the wall. One artist hangs his portraits in the same spot every time one is taken off. His demented portraits hang right before the counter and greet any customer who orders. One portrait was of a woman, crying, her tears…

A Stranger’s Self Portrait

I let the coffee settle on my tongue for a moment. I swirl it around and peer at the four portraits in front of me. Something is wrong with them: perhaps my craft, or the models themselves. Either way I’m troubled.