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2021: What’s to come?

I made this website in the early part of 2020 with the thought that I would write myself through quarantine. I thought I could bury myself in work and I would come out the other side successful and feeling like I’m a writer. Though -like everyone else, In 2020, things happened differently than I intended.

I was distracting myself with the idea of pushing content out. The world had become increasingly dependent on making a lot of content all of the time. Tiktok blew up and became part of my daily routine. People had a lot of time on their hands to absorb and create things. As someone whose personality is built on creation, it was (and still is) frustrating to see people making things so quickly. I felt like I was losing a race I wasn’t even part of.

Because of that I rushed to get Charmy Star done. I wanted it out there. I wanted to show people what I had done. No one could stop me from this. In turn, I found that the project was rushed and should be changed completely. This left me feeling even more frustrated.

A lot of my creative friends found themselves conflicted. They weren’t able to find inspiration to do the things they love, or they burnt themselves out in the process of trying. I was the latter case. So I’ve decided to make a change.

2021 doesn’t seem like it is going to be too different from 2020. But my approach to art will. I have many art loves. I love music, writing, books, television, film, and video games. And I love to assign myself more projects than I can handle. So instead of focusing on just writing, I am going to try and reflect on all the different artforms that I surround myself with.

I am not going to push out writing content so I can be known as I “writer”. I plan to release some music, start streaming video games, and writing reviews on the books, TV series, and films. I won’t be posting all of the time, but the idea is to take my time to make sure things are done right. I am going to make art for myself, not to try and fit in with everyone else.

Thanks for reading -see ya soon,


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